Global Bangkok Moves You Forward... International Sea, Air Freight Forwarder & Customs Formalities service




Port of Au

Want an air freight service with the resources and flexibility to meet your specific needs? Our international service will find the right method to move a wide range of shipments including your small LCL shipment, multiple pallet loads or any freight project to any location worldwide. Whether you are looking for a premium, secondary or deferred option, we provide a full range of carrier choices to offer the right option to meet your needs, including:

• The most cost effective air freight solution
• Urgent shipment with the shortest lead time
• Door to door service
• Priority retrieval
• Moving perishable items (food, dangerous goods etc.)

Your benefits
• Air freight services are characterized by tighter control over its cargo due to short transportation time.
• Short transportation time and tight control reduce the cargo exposure to theft, pilferage, and damage.
• Freight, packaging, and labor costs can be saved dramatically with air freight services due to faster delivery and better security.
• Insurance premium rate generally is lower for air freight than land or ocean freight.
• High performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs is offered by GLOBAL BANGKOK TRANSPORT.
• Air transportation is the best medium for perishable goods.
• The arrival and departure times of flights are highly reliable, as airlines tend to be very on top of their schedules. Even missing a flight wouldn’t cause much delay as there are usually flights departing every hour.