Global Bangkok Moves You Forward... International Sea, Air Freight Forwarder & Customs Formalities service




Port of Au

Whether your business requires a one-time shipment or you're a high-volume importer/exporter, GLOBAL BANGKOK TRANSPORT will take care of all your customs clearing needs. We also provide assistance with the forwarding of goods to both domestic and international destinations. We take a personal interest on all cargo entrusted to us, and maintain our own pickup team. Our skilled professionals will work diligently with you to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

• Voluntary corrections
• Compliance reviews
• Audit support
• Management of databases (vendors, products, tariffs)
• Other Government Department (OGD) requirements

Your benefits
• In complex regulatory requirements
GLOBAL BANGKOK TRANSPORT offer a complete portfolio of import/export services, including logistics, freight forwarding, warehouse and distribution, so you can rest assured your business is fully taken care of.

• Skills to facilitate the customs clearance process
GLOBAL BANGKOK TRANSPORT will make sure your shipments cross the border and reach their intended destination safely. They have the skills to facilitate the entire customs clearance process, regardless of the port of entry.

• Help in avoiding unnecessary costs
Rules and regulations in cross-border transactions keep changing. As experts in the requirements for each type of goods, GLOBAL BANGKOK TRANSPORT can help you avoid costly delays, fines, confiscation of the merchandise and other penalties.

• Correct identification of goods
GLOBAL BANGKOK TRANSPORT are well versed in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule – a compilation of duties or taxes levied on goods as they enter a country. Each good receives a specific classification number and they are divided into major groups and sub-groups to allow correct and easy identification for the purposes of charging customs duty.